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Blog.mk (Online) gambling: Your rights

 the blog.mk must provide you with correct and reliable information, apply fair conditions and try to prevent gambling addiction as much as possible. This applies to both land-based gambling and online gambling. For example, Gambling can be a fun pastime. But it is not without risks. As a player, pay attention to yourself. The companies that offer gambling games also have a so-called ‘duty of care’ under the new law. This is there to protect you as a player. 


As a player on blog.mk (Online) gambling, you must be able to make a choice as to whether you want to take a gamble and, if so, where you want to take it. You need information to make this choice. The gambling providers must give you honest and comprehensible information. For example information about the gambling game, the chance of winning and losing, the risks of the game (such as money problems) and how you can play as responsibly as possible. But also information about how you can protect yourself as a player, for example through temporary self-exclusion. If companies are not honest about the costs for you as a player or about chances of winning, then that is deception. That’s prohibited.

blog.mk (Online) gambling House rules and general conditions

The house rules and conditions can, for example, concern payment to the gambling company, the minimum age, the method of payment, how you can terminate your participation and legal liability. These rules and conditions must be easy to find and readable for you as a player. The gambling companies are obliged to ensure that players under the age of 18 and players who are deregistered from participating cannot gamble. They must therefore always check your age.

blog.mk (Online) gambling Guarding limits

Think carefully about your personal limits in advance. If you set limits on how much time and money you want to spend on gambling, this ensures that you can better control your playing behavior. That way you can play more responsibly. Due to the limits in your player profile, the gambling company can also appeal to you if you are insufficiently able to stick to your own limits.

Preventing problems

Gambling companies must have an (addiction) prevention policy. You should also be able to read this as a player. This policy states which measures gambling companies have to prevent problems with gambling as much as possible. For example, gambling companies cannot simply tempt people to gamble. They also have to pay extra attention to the fact that alcohol is served ‘responsibly’ because there is a connection between drinking alcohol and problematic gambling behavior. Employees of gambling companies are also trained in recognizing gambling problems. They must observe playing behavior and intervene if necessary. Do they see problems with your (gambling) behavior? For example, you do not stick to your own limits, or you play longer or more often or at other times. Then they must address you on time and guide you towards help. This way you can prevent problems from getting bigger. Gambling companies may also (involuntarily) exclude you as a player if gambling gets out of hand. They must ensure that players who are excluded cannot really play.

blog.mk (Online) gambling Payment percentage

The payout percentage (also known as RTP – Return to Player) of a slot machine is the percentage that a slot machine pays out of every euro that is used. The higher this percentage, the more the slot machine pays out in the long run. A payout percentage of for example 80% means that of every euro that is bet, 80 cents is paid out to the player. The other 20 cents is therefore the profit that remains for the slot machine. This does not mean that if you bet 100 euros once, you win 80 euros back. You can bet 100 euros and lose everything, and the player after you can bet 1 euro and win 500 euros.

There are of course no slot machines with a payout percentage of more than 100%. Then the slot machine would make a loss. Slot machines in the hotel and catering industry and in arcades have a statutory minimum payout percentage of 60% in the Netherlands. In a casino this is at least 80%. In practice, these are around 80% in hotels and restaurants and arcades and around 90% at casinos. If you often play at a slot machine, you lose less money in the long run at a slot machine with a high payout percentage.

Dissatisfied with blog.mk (Online) gambling?

It must be easy for you as a player to cancel a lottery subscription if you wish. Our gambling company must ensure that this is handled properly and should not make it difficult for you to cancel. For example, by not telling you how to cancel or by persuading you to continue to gamble. Do you have a complaint about a gambling company? For you as a player, it must be clear where and how you can submit a complaint and how that complaint is handled by the gambling company.