Caribbean stud poker

Caribbean stud poker, also known as casino stud poker, is an online poker game using the same rules as five-card stud. But unlike regular poker games, Caribbean stud poker is played solely against the house, not against other online players. Each player acts only according to the set rules laid down in the game room, and there are no bidding or counter bids. Each round in a Caribbean stud poker game goes one card into the pot; the player who comes up with the most cards (dealt by the house) wins the pot. Players can use any combination of seven cards for their starting hand, although the option to do so is not allowed. If a player wins the pot after winning the initial round, he receives additional money.

Unlike regular poker games where the action is mostly held at a single table, Caribbean stud poker games are played across many tables in a casino or internet based room. Most casinos restrict the number of card hands that a player can play with at any given time, and some even have specific time slots when players can initiate another game. Since the game is very popular online, the casinos make sure players know the start time and end time for every game and explain the rules thoroughly. As in a regular game, a player can end the game at anytime and may stay until the dealer reveals the next card.

One can take up this exciting game with a small amount, as there are few options to increase the amount to $100 or more. Before starting, it is always better to play Caribbean stud for free. A simple search at Google for “free Caribbean stud” or “free online poker variations” will bring about millions of results. The best part is, you do not even have to download anything. In fact, you can play the free games on your browser and later play the same Caribbean stud for money, without ever even entering a casino!