Shopping spree

The biggest prize won in the Shopping Spree slot game was more than a million dollars! That’s an incredible jackpot! In the free spin bonus round, you’ll need to use your hands to pick up mystery bags and reveal cash prizes! Fortunately, the mystery grab bag bonus round isn’t the only unique feature of this online game! During the free spin bonus, you’ll have to act quickly to avoid wasting your money.

The Shopping Spree play screen will show you the total bet, how much you’ve won and your balance of credits and cash. It will also show you the bonus round buttons. You can choose to play in auto-play mode or manually spin the reels. Once you’ve selected your settings, hit the play button to start the bonus round. You’ll be prompted to select the number of lines you wish to activate and bet.

The slot game features a fixed coin value of $0.25, which allows you to play for less than the maximum. There are nine paylines in the game. You can choose from one to five coins per line. You can also choose to play the maximum number of lines in the slot. This gives you more chances to win. The progressive jackpot is worth more than $1 million. However, if you aren’t comfortable with this type of progressive jackpot, try playing for a smaller amount.