Why a slot machine always wins

As a player you can sometimes be lucky. Playing on a slot machine has yielded you more than you have bet. In the long run, there is always more money left in a slot machine than it gives away. The slot machine therefore always wins. How is this possible? This has to do with: The design of the slot machine. This page discusses the design of the machines. That the slot machine tempts you to play for a long time. Read here how the slot machine keeps you playing.

How does an old slot machine work?

slot machine

Whether you win or not, old slot machines determined by combinations of (fruit) symbols. By pressing a button or pulling a lever, the rotating reels with symbols came to a halt. Some combinations of these symbols on one line (a pay line) give a certain amount of payout. Symbols with a high payout are less common on a roll than symbols with a low payout. This means that:

• Chances are that you won’t win anything

• The chance that you win a small amount is smaller

• The chance that you will win a large amount is very small

A slot machine can never pay out more in the long term than has been deployed. So the slot machine always wins in the end.

How does a new slot machine work?

Most slot machines nowadays are digital and are controlled by software. When the bet button is pressed, a random combination is ‘drawn’ by the computer with a Random Number Generator, with a corresponding payout.

The combination of symbols appears to appear first, but the amount of the payout has already been determined in advance. The software is set up in such a way that there is only a certain chance of winning. For both old and new machines, the previous bet has no influence on the new bet. With every bet, the chance of winning is the same.

What happens if you stop gambling?

When you stop gambling, this brings you many benefits. That way you probably save a lot of money and time for other things. Read here more about what it can deliver you.

Slot machine Money management & game plan

No matter how well it goes, sometimes you are out of luck. With a good plan you prevent you from getting broke quickly. Even if you sometimes lose several pots in succession. You handle your credits with care. And you are less likely to end up in pots that you cannot win. With a good plan you also benefit from players without a plan. We call the money you play with ‘bankroll’. With bankroll management you can manage your bankroll. How do you deal with profit and loss? How do you spread your bet? Who do you play against without too much risk for yourself? It is wise to think carefully about this in advance and to write down these types of choices in a bankroll management plan.

You oversee the situation again

If you stop, you often suddenly see the consequences of gambling. Usually the major financial consequences. You do not see how you can pay off the debts. That can make you feel very depressed. You wonder how things got that far. You may feel guilty or ashamed. You also suddenly have a lot of time left and you don’t know what to do with it. Sometimes you keep thinking a lot about gambling. Even when you sleep, you can hear the sounds and still see the images of gambling. In the short term, all this can make it very difficult to stop gambling.

But because you oversee the situation, you can also tackle your problems. In the long term, it gives you a lot to stop gambling. Some extra help can help you through this period.

Slot machine Temporary complaints after stopping

Gambling gives you an adrenaline rush. The pulse and blood pressure of the adrenaline increase. The tension in your muscles also increases. You sweat and you breathe faster. You also make fabrics (endorphins) that make you feel comfortable. If you gamble once in a while this won’t hurt. But do you often gamble? Then your body will miss the endorphins if you don’t play. That makes you feel so uncomfortable that you feel like gambling again.

You can feel very bad if you don’t gamble. Also because of things that make you think of gambling. Such as the ringing of money, flickering lights, a place, situation, feeling or smell. You can get withdrawal symptoms. They can be intense, but eventually they will decrease. 

Decrease or stop: tips

Some people gamble too much and want to change their gambling behavior. They are not addicted, but believe that something must change. In these cases, decreasing can be a solution. Less gambling is often more difficult than stopping altogether. 

For people who are addicted, decreasing does not work in most cases. After a while they gamble again as much as they did.

There are different types of aids that can help to reduce or stop gambling. But these are no panacea. It is advisable to also get some kind of help. You can get help in many different ways.

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